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Genetic Testing Labs

a-Mannosidosis Gene Test is available through Igenity

Murray Grey breeders should be serious about using genetic identification as part of a complete management, selection and marketing system which should also include ultra-sound testing and carcass EPDs. Hard information is going to be crucial if our breed is to take its place as a serious player in the beef industry in the future. Breeders that have carcass genetic identification and use it to select genetics will be in the best position to sell breeding stock in the years to come.

Pfizer and Ingenity offer complete carcass gene evaluation. Contact the lab for prices and protocols.

Igenity Silver Profile results can be added to AMGA registration certificates.

Neogen Igenity

Silver Profile & SeekSire

Zoetis Beef Genetics

PredictGen & Sire Trace

University of California
Cattle DNA Testing
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-8744

DNA ID and Paren Verification

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