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Herd Name

You must have a herd name registered with the American Murray Grey Association. You must use it in naming your cattle. Herd names are prefixes used in naming registered
cattle to identify the owner at BIRTH. Selecting a herd name and registering it with the American Murray Grey Association ensures that only you can use it in naming your cattle. Placing the herd name first will allow all cattle to appear in listings together when they are sorted alphabetically. The name on your membership application can be different from
your herd name. There are restrictions on the words you can use in a herd name. Names such as "FARM", "RANCH", "LTD", "CORP, as part of a name, are not allowed. Names
of United States government leaders are not allowed. Letters to abbreviate a herd name are allowed. (Example Herd Name---Double G) Cattle would be named “Double G Susie”.

Unique Tattoo

Each member, who wishes to register cattle with the American Murray Grey Association, must secure the right to use a set of Unique Tattoo letters THAT WILL
BE AUTHORIZED FOR THAT MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE USE IN TATTOOING. The Unique Tattoo letters shall be made up of any combination of two, three or
four letters (no numbers and do not use the letter “Q”). These letters shall be registered with the American Murray Grey Association for the exclusive use of that member.
Registered Unique Member Tattoos may be transferred if the registered owner or representative makes an application to do so.
(Example Unique Tattoo—GG) Tattoo would be “GG 01x”.

The Application for Unique Tattoo and Herd Name Prefix can be downloaded here.
Please remit with  correct one time fee of $10.

Animal Identification Tattoo

In addition, a two to four digit tattoo that consists of a number the year letter (see year chart following) shall also be used. Females should be tattooed in the Left ear,
leaving room for the brucellosis tattoo that is required to go in the Right ear. Bulls may be tattooed in the Right ear.

Tattoo Letter Year

Use the correct letter to identify the birth year of each calf registered.

Year Letter
2013 A 2020 H
2014 B 2021 I
2015 C 2022 J
2016 D 2023 K
2017 E 2024 L
2018 F 2025 M
2019 G 2026 N


Tattooing Equipment

-tattoo pliers 
-numeric and letter tattoo digits 
-tattoo paste ink (green preferable) and toothbrush for application
-alcohol disinfectant and soft cloth
-record book

Tattooing Procedure

-check each tattoo on a piece of cardboard before applying it to the animal’s ear
-It is best to tattoo in the RIGHT ear for bulls & LEFT ear for females. Todetermine 
right and left, stand behind the animal, facing the direction the animal is facing.
-be sure animal is properly restrained in chute
-clean the ear with alcohol and soft clothe
-apply tattoo ink to the area where tattoo is to be applied
-apply tattoo pliers with, correct digits, between the ribs of the ear
-rub ink into the holes, applying more than what was put on the ear first
-a properly applied tattoo will be legible for the entire life of the animal


The Association must be made aware of all deviations in a tattoo. Please contact the Association with all corrections to tattoos. The registration papers must be
sent to the office with proper fees for corrections.


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