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AI, ET & Import Requirements

For AI -
DNA identification must be on file with the Association on all bulls drawn for AI before calves resulting from AI can be registered. Blood or DNA is required for bulls drawn prior to January 1, 1999

All bulls from whom semen is drawn for sale outside the herd of origin must have a negative a-mannosidosis test result on file with the Association before calves can be registered.

For DNA Identification of AI Sires and ET Donor Cows through IGENITY -

Members should request the SIMPT parentage test. They need to write “SIMPT” in bold letters on the sample information form. The cost is $20 per sample. The cost of the Igenity Profile is an additional $40 (hair samples).

Kansas State University is the only lab in the United States that does a-manno testing. Contact KSU for details.

Comparative Hematology
Kansas State Vet. Med. Center, Mosier Hall
1800 Denison Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66506-5605
Phone/FAX (785) 532-4424 /532-3996

For ET Donor Cows –

DNA identification is required on any female being flushed for embryos. This DNA report must be on file at the Association before calves resulting from the ET can be registered.

Members must provide the Association with a Certificate of Recovery for each embryo flush. Members must also provide the Association with a Certificate of Transfer for every embryo transferred. Certificate of Recovery/Embryo Transfer is in your breeder’s guide or available upon request. There is a $50.00 fee for recording each embryo flush.

When a member sells a frozen embryo, the transfer of ownership of the embryo must be recorded with the Association. The Transfer of Ownership form is in the breeder’s guide or available upon request. There is a $20.00 fee to transfer ownership of an embryo.

Registering ET Calves –

Every ET calf born during or after 1 January 1999 must have parent verification supplied to the Association with registration application. Breeder must have a copy of both sire and dam’s DNA to submit with calf’s DNA for parent verification. (AMGA will provide copies upon request.) Breed configuration or AMGA registration number for recipient dams must be included with the registration application for ET calves.

Importing Semen or Embryos

Semen and embryos imported into the US must have DNA on file with the Association. Even though an Australian bull may be listed as “free by inheritance”, that bull must still have a negative a-mannosidosis test if drawn after January 1, 1999. It is the responsibility of the importer to provide the Association with the necessary documentation.

AI sires or ET donors registered outside of the United States must be transferred into the AMGA herdbood before calves resulting from either AI or ET can be registered with AMGA. It is the responsibility of the party importing the semen or embryos to transfer the sire or donor dam into the AMGA registry. There is an application for registration of imported animal in your breeder’s guide or available by request. The fee for registration/transfer of an imported animal is $20.00

For More Information consult your Breeder's Guide or contact the Association 

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