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The Murray Grey herd at Poverty Hill is one of Northern New England’s oldest Murray Grey herds and continues to develop the kind of cattle that can work well on our thin soils and short growing season. Cattle have to be practical, efficient and profitable to make it here on
Poverty Hill.

We have based our breeding program on selecting herd sires from strong cow families. We appreciate and have tried to develop cows that are long lived, moderate framed and have good dispositions. Over the years, we have developed cattle that can grow, breed and finish on grass. Ninety percent of our female line descends from ATI Carnation 317 through our long time herd sire ATI Trojan 045 and her daughter ATI Carnation 366. The Carnation family not only works well here on the farm, but also does well at Murray Grey shows across the country.
Basing the herd on strong cow families has helped us to develop the traits that we want in a consistent manner season after season. We have tried to combine really good individual bulls backed by several generations of sound females. The strength of the cows comes through in the bulls’ calves.

We have been fortunate to have had access to 4 incredibly good bulls upon which to build our herd. ATI Trojan 045 out of Carnation 317 was our first, and longest serving herd sire. Trojan bred his last calves here at the age of 13. He was followed by Monarch Oak Rimfire out of Ginger Natolis’ great Monarch Oak herd. Rimfire’s dam was Monarch Oak Allison. Rimfire is working for Lil Elk Run Deco Cattle in Pennsylvania. Eagles Run High Roller ET 272R and ET son of the great New Zealand cow Marire Gladys 947 followed. Victory Power Play, out of HA Matilda sired several groups of nice calves before going home to Victory Farms in Ohio. Adina Titanium, sired by Banksia Ridge Zorro Z27 and out of Eagles Run Trillium 276R is our current herd sire.

Our herd size is limited due to constraints on pasture and good hay ground. We almost always have a few top individuals for sale and are confident our cattle can work as well for you as they do for us.. We invite you to take a tour of New England and stop by and see our cows
working in this harsh, northern climate!

Poverty Hill cattle are Igenity tested for performanc and carcass traits. Ask us about the results.

Call, write or email for more information.

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